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Last Days In Noah’s Era And Today’s World – Kilode  Nigeria!

Last Days In Noah’s Era And Today’s World – Kilode Nigeria!

At times, one sits back and ask where this world is now getting to?  The question would seem to be unanswered over times due to everyday unfolding events around the world with attendant technological know-how evolving each day.  Disadvantages of these developments seem to outweigh the advantages vis-à-viz destruction of live and properties.

The Holy Bible and Koran let us know that the good Lord created the Heavens and the earth alongside planets and animals including man whom He made in His own likeness.  Other Divine Creations included the Sun, Moon, Stars and Water among others. God saw that the creations were good and gave man power to dominate them especially those things on earth.

When Adam who was the first man created by God ran short of the purpose of his creation and he died at the age of 930 years.  On the heels of his death the Lord saw how great man’s wickedness on the earth had become and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all time (Genesis 36:5-8).

Against the background of this inhumanity to man, the Lord was grieved and promised to wipe mankind from the face of the earth – man and animals to put an end to all people because according to the Creator, the earth is filled with violence and corruption caused by these people.  See Genesis 6:12-13.  It was by this reason and time Noah found favour in the eyes of the Lord and commanded, directed and advised Noah to make an ark where some souls would be saved from destruction through eminent flooding of the universe.

From the brief account of what happened in Noah’s era the matter of the moment draws the attention of its readers as similar occurrence in the days of Noah are taking place across the globe now a days. Remember, in the days of Noah when corruption, killings and violence was on the increase as it is today, the Bible tells that God was grieved and decided to wipe out everything including man away from the face of the earth (Genesis 6:6-7).  That He did.

Now, with the upsurge of similar incidence, “Kilode Nigera”? Where are the Prophets?  Noah was not a Prophet anywhere but the Holy Bible says he found favour in the eyes of the Lord in whom some souls were saved from the flood with the Ark God commanded Noah to make for himself which included his household, birds, animals and others God decided to save.

Perhaps one might think or say that God is no more saying or doing something.  As a matter of moment, what do you say or think?  Your say or guess in this direction is as good as mine.  Presently, God is using people like Noah of old in fighting corruption which is the bane of the society and without me trying to mention names for fear of being quoted out of context, this person like Noah of old would manifest.  For now, avoid disobedience, doubt and corruption before it is late.  The period needs a change and so, say repeatedly as per the present day slogan “Change begins with me!!!”


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