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Secondus, Imoke, Ors Commend Ayade on Developmental Strides in CRS

Secondus, Imoke, Ors Commend Ayade on Developmental Strides in CRS

…Receive over 5000 PDP returnees from APC

By Happiness Ifiok 

The National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Uche Secondus, the PDP 2019 gubernatorial candidate in Imo state Emeka Ihedioha, the former governor of Cross River State Liyel Imoke and Senator Florence Ita Giwa have all commended Cross River state governor, Ben Ayade for his developmental strides in the state, which is geared at industrializing the state.

Speaking on Thursday in Calabar during a tour of the Ayade Industrial Park and the 21 megawatts power plant in the state, the national chairman  who was in the state to welcome returnees to the PDP, noted that the governor’s drive is a major landmark achievement not only for Cross River State but for the national level, “I think it is a major landmark achievement not only for Cross River State but for the national level, because if all the States adopt this strategy, we can see Nigeria moving towards industrialization. Our problem has always been that people are ready to establish industries but the cost of powering them. I think the Governor went down to the foundation of our problem in terms of industrialization. He has started very well. With this 21 megawatts, the industrial layout and the city will be illuminated and the industries will be powered. Secondus, who expressed no shock at the governor’s giant stride, added that in no distant time Cross Riverians will begin to benefit from the numerous projects. Of course I am not surprised that this thing is coming out of a PDP State. You can see that they are serious minded, a Professor and you can see that he is widely read, traveled and exposed and is bringing back home his wealth of experience and the people of Cross River can see it”.

The National Chairman also acknowledged the fact that projects executed by the governor do not only have direct bearing on the people but are sustainable and geared to solving problems of generations yet unborn, “It is not an easy task but you can see that he has started very well, laying good foundation and in a couple of years to come people will begin to see that this will be a place of destination for both tourism and industrialization. All of these put together in this industrial estate will turn around the economy of the State, and most importantly too this is the era that most of our youths are unemployed, this is going to provide massive employment to our people and this is a great achievement by the Governor”.

The National Chairman also expressed hope that other states would learn from Cross River state, “We are not only proud, we are excited, we are happy that he is one of us. We show him the way. I believe that other states from around, very close, Imo and other States should imitate the PDP States, we are always doing very well and I know that Emeka is waiting on the line to do same”.

Also speaking, the 2019 gubernatorial candidate of the PDP in Imo state and former deputy speaker of the House of Representatives,  Emeka Ihedioha, expressed excited that governor Ayade is industrialising the state, a move which the national should be angling towards, “I am always happy with the giant stride of Cross River State, and I am happy that Governor Ben Ayade is keeping faith with the economical strides. Industrialization is very fundamental, it solves job creation which is very fundamental to us and also providing power is the basics of it. I’m happy he is taking a direction that the national should be angling towards. I am impressed”.

On his part, the former governor of the state, Liyel Imoke, who further commended the governor for his efforts, added that the state needs big visioners like the incumbent state governor, whose visions are to move the state forward, “Today we have seen the continuous growth and development taking place here and the National Chairman has come in person. I will say that he has a very big vision. I was reminding him of those days when he expressed an interest to run for Governor and I told him that one of the things I liked about him was that his vision was much bigger than his person. I always encouraged him to drive that vision that Cross River State needs big visioners rather than small visioners to be able to catch up on other States that have much more resources than Cross River State.

He is expressing that vision in the industrialization of Cross River State, and other components of what is critical for Cross River State economy. So, we commend his efforts and this power plant in particular, I believe will be delivering power shortly and that is very important”. Among those who also commended the state governor was one of the returnees, a former Special Adviser on National Assembly Matters to President Olusegun Obasanjo, Senator Florence Ita Giwa, who noted that her return to the PDP was influenced by the achievement of the Governor, “Each government comes with its own project but today, what we see here, I call it the silent industrial revolution; that is what I named it. This is what is going to turn around the economy of this State, this is what is going to provide jobs, this is what is going to save the kids off the streets, because they will all be engaged and this is what is going to change our lives.

And of course with the Bakassi deep seaport, once it comes on rolling then we are a billionaire State and that is why when I saw this, I was so elated, I was so happy I said to him that please let me be the ambassador of this industrial revolution and that is one of the things that really made me decide to come back and assist this man in his efforts and what he is doing for this State”. However, the National Chairman of the PDP later received Senator Florence Ita Giwa, a former State chairman of the PDP, Ambassador Sonny Abang, Ernest Irek, Okpachui Orim, including about 5000 of their supporters back to the party at a grand reception, at the Calabar Municipal Garden, Calabar.

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