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Leave Gov. Udom Emmanuel Alone – Conflict Expert Tells Politicians

Leave Gov. Udom Emmanuel Alone – Conflict Expert Tells Politicians

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Peace and Conflict Management Expert has sued for peace in Akwa Ibom State in order to experience development under Governor Udom Emmanuel.

The expert who made his position known while speaking with Century Newsfront in Uyo on recently said that where there is no peace, development cannot manifest, hence the need to allow the governor focus on development.

Mr. Bennett Ndomson, a Principal Peace and Conflict Management Consultant in the state observed that it is natural for conflict and disagreement to arise in any society because of different conflicting interests amongst members of the society but emphasized that Ubuntie as a concept of peace and conflict resolution should be adopted.

According to him, Ubuntie as a principle or a spirit which spells out an attitude of togetherness in spirit which spells out an attitude of togetherness in spirit and humanness with emphasis on openness, acknowledges obligations, seek harmony, balance and equilibrium.

He maintained that election period, everywhere in the world is the period where different individuals, groups and political parties would pursue their different goals as a result of this, there is likely to be collision of interest but after the election everything should return to normally, Ubuntie should be adopted for the interest of peace and development without which the essence of winning election would be defeated because of distraction.

The peace and conflict expert appealed to those who took part in the just concluded elections in the state but could not make it to shield their anger and extend their hands of fellowship to the winners for the interest of peace and development, which calling on the winners to appreciate the fact that the loosers are still their subjects whose rights should be protected through Ubunties principle, “a person with Ubuntie is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good for he has a proper self-assurance that comes with knowing that he belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed or treated as if they were less than who they are for whatever reason.”

Mr. Ndomson stated that Ubuntie is aimed at promoting a culture of peace, tolerance, peaceful co-existence and mutual development and is a conflict prevention and peace building strategy, solidly grounded on the principles of reciprocity and a sense of shared destiny between people and communities, which is practically oriented to preach and support reconciliation and peace building in divided communities and to promote democratic participation.

He suggested that instead of attacking the governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, all hands should be on deck to move the state forward, calling on traditional rulers to speak peace and reconciliation to various communities and militant groups and through radio, television, theatre, song and choruses of peace.

The expert suggested that democratic consultative decision making principle in dispute and conflict management should be adopted which is a process or technique that seeks to strengthen the capacity of rural and urban communities, institutions and organizations to manage conflict and effect a change through peaceful and democratic negotiations, advising the governor to set up negotiation committee to negotiate with the aggrieved parties.

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