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Nsima: A Worthy Leader Of Change For Akwa Ibom

Nsima: A Worthy Leader Of Change For Akwa Ibom

By Aniefiok Ekwere

After taking pains to go through the profiles of people in the race for the governorship of Akwa Ibom State, I sat down and pondered about that governor whom Akwa Ibom people really need. At the moment, greater attention of Akwa Ibom sons and daughters are being directed towards APC where over six aspirants are jostling for the party’s ticket, majority of them are of good level of qualitative education and exposure.

It becomes even a matter of deep thought to pick the best out of them. I mean the best person with good educational background, good track record, exposure and character. It is true they are all coming from somewhere, but I find the profile of a man fascinating. A man who has no political nor career dent. Someone who has the capacity and leadership sagacity to win election for any political party.

I see that man in Obong(Dr) Nsima U. Ekere.

This is a man that is highly Cerebral…. A man with proven record of academic excellence. A First Class Professional Estate Manager. A man that has so far performed excellently in public service. The outcome of his performance and leadership is the reason majority of Akwa Ibom people are queuing behind him. Obong Ekere is an administrative Maestro. He performed creditably while holding sway as Chairman, Akwa Ibom State Emergency Management Agency and simultaneously as Chairman of Ibom Power Company, the independent power generating company owned by Akwa Ibom State. Later became the Executive Chairman of the Akwa Ibom Investment and Industrial Promotion Council, the State investment agency.

This same man later became the Deputy Governor and presently the performing Managing Director of NDDC. Even while overseeing this important agency of government at the time of lean financial resources, this renowned administrative and financial manager has done everything possible to manage resources for the development of the nine Niger Delta States. This is evident in the number of projects initiated and completed in his few months of his leadership. His genuine humanitarian disposition is second to none.

Obong Nsima Ekere’s humility resonates. Political power will certainly not get into his head to desecrate traditional and religious institutions and offices. He is God Fearing and a Lover of God – Akwa Ibom State is a Christian State. His love for God knows no denomination in Christendom. Loved by Anglicans, Catholics, and Pentecostals. It is out of Obong Nsima Ekere’s willingness to serve his state that he is about sacrificing his juicy job as Managing Director of NDDC to go through the waters of political uncertainties just to provide the needed leadership for Akwa Ibom people. Considering the quality, exposure, character and experience of Obong (Dr) Nsima Ekere, it is important and necessary for us as a people to rise in unison and encourage, support and pray for Obong Ekere to contest and win the Governorship race in 2019.


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